There’s an extinction-level storm wreaking havoc on the entirety of Earth, and the Justice League finds themselves fighting a literal force of nature! Enter the Frost King, a monster mad with power, with an ice army at his command! What devastating secrets lie in the Frost King’s past? Justice League: Endless Winter is a crossover event collection that includes Aquaman #66, The Flash #767, Justice League #58, Justice League Dark #29, Justice League: Endless Winter #1-2, Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1, Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1, and Superman: Endless Winter Special #1.

Written By:
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz
Clayton Henry, Howard Porter, Phil Hester, Marco Santucci
Clayton Henry, Howard Porter, Cam Smith, Ande Parks, Miguel Mendonca, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Xermanico, Marco Santucci, Brandon Peterson, Amancay Nahuelpan
Cover By:
Clayton Henry, Mikel Janin, Francis Manapul, Marcelo Maiolo, Dan Brown, Dale Eaglesham, Michael Atiyeh, Bernard Chang, Michael McKone, Peter Steigerwald, Kyle Hotz