It’s the culmination of the Legion of Doom's master plan, and some may not survive. The Justice League must race through the past, present, and future to gather pieces of the Totality if they want to stop Lex Luthor’s team from unleashing Perpetua on the Multiverse. Collects Justice League #26-39.

Written By:

Scott Snyder


Daniel Sampere Bruno Redondo Javier Fernandez Jorge Jiménez


Howard Porter Francis Manapul Bruno Redondo Javier Fernandez Jorge Jiménez Juan Albarran

Cover By:

Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson Brad Anderson Dave Stewart Francis Manapul Tomeu Morey Rafael Albuquerque Tyler Kirkham Bruno Redondo Arif Prianto Jordi Tarragona Kenneth Rocafort Tony S. Daniel Emanuela Lupacchino Olivier Coipel Julian Totino Tedesco Jim Cheung Francesco MATT Mattina Romulo Fajardo Arthur Adams Sabine Rich Jay Anacleto Jonboy Meyers, Jr.