Get the inside story on how the latest incarnation of the original super-team came together—along with the final fate of one of the Justice Society's original members. Plus: Black Canary meets Fate and Sentinel spends some time with the new Star-Spangled Kid. Continued in JSA #1!

Written By:

James Robinson David S. Goyer Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Ron Marz Steven Grant


Stephen Sadowski Michael Bair N. Steven Harris Roger Robinson Eliot R. Brown Aaron Lopresti Tom Mandrake Jason Pearson Sergio Cariello Scott Benefiel Enrique Alcatena Darryl Banks Eric Battle Frederick W. Butler Frank Cho Alex Maleev Temujin Louis Small Jr. Chris Weston Eddy Newell


Wayne Faucher Michael Bair Ray McCarthy Mark Propst Jordi Ensign Mick Gray Danny Miki Eliot R. Brown Aaron Lopresti Tom Mandrake Prentis Rollins Jason Pearson Sergio Cariello Enrique Alcatena Temujin Chris Weston Eddy Newell Graham Nolan Jasen Rodriguez Vince Russell

Cover By:

Stephen Sadowski Michael Bair Digital Chameleon