As the Joker plans his greatest escape to date, a shocking discovery makes him speed up his timetable. Plus, DEO Agent Chase interviews some of the Joker's past victims; discover the secrets of the Joker's lethal gas; profile pages of the event's major players; and much, much more!

Written By:

J.H. Williams III Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Jerry Ordway Jai Nitz D.C. Johnson


Todd Nauck Amanda Conner Damion Scott J.H. Williams III Leonard Kirk Peter Krause Marcos Martin Pete Woods Ron Randall Javier Saltares Staz Johnson John Peter Doherty


Jimmy Palmiotti Dick Giordano Keith Champagne Dan Davis Robert Campanella Marcos Martin Mick Gray Cameron Stewart Al Williamson John Peter Doherty Robin Riggs

Cover By:

Walt Simonson Tatjana Wood