As the Joker plans his greatest escape to date, a shocking discovery makes him speed up his timetable. Plus, DEO Agent Chase interviews some of the Joker's past victims; discover the secrets of the Joker's lethal gas; profile pages of the event's major players; and much, much more!

Written By: J.H. Williams III Chuck Dixon Scott Beatty Jerry Ordway Jai Nitz D.C. Johnson Pencils: Todd Nauck Amanda Conner Damion Scott J.H. Williams III Leonard Kirk Peter Krause Marcos Martin Pete Woods Ron Randall Javier Saltares Staz Johnson John Peter Doherty Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti Dick Giordano Keith Champagne Dan Davis Robert Campanella Marcos Martin Mick Gray Cameron Stewart Al Williamson John Peter Doherty Robin Riggs Cover By: Walt Simonson Tatjana Wood