John Constantine is a bastard. But just how much of a bastard? As his grip on sanity loosens even further, he gets desperate enough to summon Shade, the Changing Man! But will Shade help or hurt his cause? And will John figure it out in time to walk down the aisle with the beautiful alchemist Epiphany Graves? With uninvited guests coming from both Heaven and Hell, what could go wrong? Plus, in City of Demons (illustrated by Batman: White Knight’s Sean Murphy), an accident leaves Constantine in the hospital-and when he gets out, the streets of London have become a very dark place…even by his standards. Collects Hellblazer #267-275 and John Constantine: Hellblazer: City of Demons #1-5.

Written By: Peter Milligan Si Spencer Pencils: Giuseppe Camuncoli Simon Bisley Sean Murphy Inks: Simon Bisley Sean Murphy Shawn Martinbrough Stefano Landini Cover By: Dave Stewart Simon Bisley Sean Murphy Sean T. Collins