“HOME AGAIN.” Tempest's child Cerdian looks on through his confused infant eyes as Atlantis struggles to survive without her true King, Aquaman. Red Tornado, Flash (Jay Garrick), and Superman team up to stop a flash flood in Ohio, but the Man of Steel and the Fastest Man Alive seem to have ulterior motives in “STORMCHASERS!” Simon Stagg is being haunted by the ghost of Metamorpho in “THE GHOST OF STAGG MANOR!” All this plus profiles of some of the team's newest members, allies and more!

Written By:
Geoff Johns, David S. Goyer, D.C. Johnson, James Beard, Rich Hedden, Rick Veitch
Chris Batista, Stephen Sadowski, Michael Bair, George Pérez, Patrick Gleason, Scott Kolins, Drew Johnson, Tom Mandrake, Phil Winslade, Yvel Guichet, Dietrich Smith, Jeff Smith, Clement Sauve, Kelly Yates
Sean Parsons, Michael Bair, George Pérez, Keith Champagne, Mark Propst, Scott Kolins, Mick Gray, Ray Snyder, Serge LaPointe, Tom Mandrake, Phil Winslade, Andrew Pepoy, Jeff Smith, Chip Wallace
Cover By:
Guy Major, T. Horie, Jesus Merino, Carlos Pacheco