Three unorthodox tales of love and romance: In "Heartache 1.0" (written by Steve Gerber, with art by Danijel Zezelj), two people who have never met explore the tragic consequences of romance, passion and betrayal that never happened; in "Love...with a Twist" (written by Scott Cunningham, with art by Miran Kim), an unexpected visitor crashes a young couple's trip to lover's lane; and in "Kissing Cousin" (written by Bob Fingerman, with art by Pat McEown), a personal ad sets the stage for a blind date from hell.

Written By:
Scott Cunningham, Steve Gerber, Bob Fingerman
Danijel Žeželj, Pat McEown, Miran Kim
Danijel Žeželj, Pat McEown, Miran Kim
Cover By:
Guy Gonzales