One of the Winged Warrior's deadliest foes returns in a one-shot devoted to the newest incarnation of Hawkman! A foe nearly as ancient as Hawkman makes his presence known. Plus, the DEO investigates the mysterious Nth metal. Rounding out the issue are profile pages focusing on the Hawks, their villains and the supporting cast of the hit new series!

Written By:

Geoff Johns J.H. Williams III D.C. Johnson


Rags Morales Rick Burchett Stephen Sadowski Michael Bair Patrick Gleason Eliot R. Brown Richard Case Bryan Talbot Walt Simonson Greg Scott


Rags Morales Rick Burchett Michael Bair Christian Alamy Keith Champagne Mick Gray Eliot R. Brown Andrew Pepoy Richard Case Bryan Talbot Walt Simonson

Cover By:

Rags Morales John Kalisz Tom McCraw