The creative team that transformed Harley Quinn forever returns to shake up her world once more-and this time, the gloves are off! Harley Quinn has avoided Gotham City ever since she broke up with The Joker and found a home in Coney Island. But when she gets an offer she can’t refuse, she has no choice but to slip back into the city as quietly as she can, hoping to be gone before anyone-especially her ex-learns she’s been there. But for Harley, “as quietly as she can” is plenty loud...and before she can say “Holee bounty hunters, Batman,” The Joker’s sicced every super-villain in the city on her pretty ombré head-and the only team tough enough (or crazy enough) to come to her defense is the Birds of Prey…if they can put up with her. Collects Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey #1-4.

Written By: Jimmy Palmiotti Amanda Conner Pencils: Amanda Conner Chad Hardin Inks: Amanda Conner Chad Hardin Cover By: Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson Alex Sinclair Paul Mounts Amanda Conner Sean T. Collins Derrick "DCWJ" Chew Arthur Adams Sabine Rich Ian MacDonald