CRIME’S GREATEST COUPLE, TOGETHER AGAIN! It’s the earliest days of the romance between antiheroine Harley Quinn and the superbly psychotic super-villain The Joker—but there’s already trouble in paradise. When Harley accidentally reveals the location of Mr. J’s secret headquarters, all H-E-double-hockey-sticks breaks loose…and the only thing worse than having Batman hot on their trail is the wrath of The Joker himself! Can Harley soothe the savage beast? Can The Joker chill out for once in his miserable life? Can the Dark Knight lighten up? Can one woman with a gigantic hammer change the face of comics forever? Travel back to the roots of the DC Universe’s wildest love story in Harley Loves Joker, from writers Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn) with artist Bret Blevins (Harley Quinn)!

Written By:

Paul Dini


Brett Blevins