Tying into the latest Green Lantern event masterminded by comics' hottest writer Geoff Johns, Kyle Rayner and his fellow Ringer bearers must join forces to beat back 'The Third Army' and survive 'The Wrath of the First Lantern!' Green Lantern Kyle Rayner must master the emotional spectrum itself in order to stand a chance against the Third Army. But even then, a more dangerous threat lurks in the shadows—The First Lantern! Collects GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #0, 13-20.

Written By:

Geoff Johns Tony Bedard


Andrei Bressan Ivan Reis Doug Mahnke Cully Hamner Javier Pulido Patrick Gleason Jerry Ordway Amilcar Pinna Andres Guinaldo Aaron Kuder Jim Calafiore Hendry Prasetyo