A new era begins for Green Lantern Kyle Rayner! It begins as Nero escapes a mental institution and finds himself in possession of a yellow power ring, thanks to the Qwardians. Now with the power to materialize the inner workings of his mind, the madman looks to destroy the planet. And as the Justice League attempts to fight his hordes of minions, Kyle must find a way to defeat a ring-bearer more powerful than he is! Then, when Rann is attacked by the entity known as Oblivion, Green Lantern enlists other heroes to join the “Circle of Fire,” as Power Girl, Firestorm, Adam Strange, and the Atom answer the call. Collects Green Lantern #129-136, Green Lantern/Firestorm #1, Green Lantern/Adam Strange #1, Green Lantern/Atom #1, Green Lantern/Green Lantern #1, Green Lantern/Power Girl #1, and Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #1 and 2.

Written By:

Judd Winick Scott Beatty James M. Faerber Brian K. Vaughan


Pete Woods Cary Nord Trevor McCarthy Norm Breyfogle


Wayne Faucher John Lowe Jordi Ensign John Nyberg Dan Davis Mark Lipka Andy Smith Rich Faber Andrew Pepoy Claude St. Aubin Ray Kryssing John Stanisci Keith Aiken Steve Bird Tyson McAdoo

Cover By:

Kevin Nowlan Mark Lipka Cary Nord Matt Wagner Andy Smith Rich Faber Darryl Banks Rodolfo Damaggio