The secrets of the Emerald Archer are revealed in a bullseye-piercing, double-sized one-shot! In the lead story, discover the history of Oliver Queen--both before and after his death. Plus, Ollie discovers that the government is keeping tabs on superheroes in the form of the D.E.O. Rounding out this special are a look at Ollie's astounding arsenal and profile pages showcasing Green Arrow, his allies and his enemies, illustrated by fan-favorite Green Arrow artists!

Written By:

Judd Winick D.C. Johnson Scott McCullar


Rick Burchett Patrick Gleason Charlie Adlard Phil Hester Eliot R. Brown Phil Winslade Kelly Yates Diego Barreto


Michael Bair Ande Parks Dan Davis Patrick Gleason Mick Gray Charlie Adlard Eliot R. Brown Phil Winslade Robin Riggs

Cover By:

Matt Wagner