This horror anthology offers three offbeat horror stories to darken your summer days, VERTIGO-style. A silent child discovers a microscopic world that others don't want her to see in "Maggie and Her Microscope" (written by Dean Motter with art by Bill Sienkiewicz); a pair of feds on surveillance play a sordid game of psychological chess in "Food Chain" (written by Brian Azzarello with art by Eduardo Risso); and a young woman discovers a ghastly photograph on a street corner, only to discover that it's the first piece to an even more gruesome puzzle, in "Found Object" (written by Bob Fingerman with art by Pat McKeown).

Written By:

Brian Azzarello Dean Motter Bob Fingerman


Bill Sienkiewicz Eduardo Risso Pat McEown


Bill Sienkiewicz Eduardo Risso Pat McEown

Cover By:

Richard Corben G2 Technologies, Inc.