WINNER OF FOURTEEN EISNER AWARDS Having beaten back the Adversary's first advance into their world, the residents of Fabletown must now prepare themselves for the full-scale war that is sure to follow. For one particular Fable, this meansskipping town to launch a new career as a venal Hollywood mogul—a path he hopes will be paved with gold and immortality. For another Fable, though, it means a journey down a much more dangerous road—one that winds through the Fables' old Homelandsinto the very heart of enemy territory, where the mystery of the Adversary's identity will finally be revealed. Collects issues #34-41 in Bill Willingham's Eisner Award-winning Vertigo series.

Written By:
Bill Willingham
Mark Buckingham, David Hahn, Lan Medina, James Jean
Cover By: