WINNER OF FOURTEEN EISNER AWARDS As the free Fables struggle to regroup following the destruction of their New York City stronghold, they are suddenly faced with a new menace—one who threatens not only their adopted planet, but all of realityitself! Against such terrible power, can even the combined abilities of these legendary storybook heroes prevail? Only one thing is certain: Once the battle is joined, the world of Fables will never be the same! All nine issues of the long-awaitedcrossover between Vertigo's two popular series FABLES and JACK OF FABLES are collected in this volume: FABLES issues #83-85, JACK OF FABLES issues #33-35, and THE LITERALS issues #1-3.

Written By:
Bill Willingham, Lillah Sturges
Mark Buckingham, Russ Braun, Tony Akins
Cover By: