Bigby Wolf has been around for a good long while, and he’s investigated pretty much every crime imaginable-but even an immortal Fable like him can still stumble across a once-in-a-lifetime case. As the sheriff of the magical New York City neighborhood known as Fabletown, Bigby is hot on the trail of the killer who beheaded a princess and then unleashed a horde of gangsters and monsters to cover his tracks. But even as Bigby reels from attempts on his life and watches his trail of suspects go cold, an old evil reappears to wreak havoc once more. Is the urban legend known as Bloody Mary to blame? Or is she just one more tortured pawn in an even bigger game, with an even more crooked opponent waiting to make his move? The acclaimed adaptation of the hit mystery from Telltale Games-inspired by Bill Willingham’s best-selling Vertigo series FABLES-concludes in this second volume of FABLES: THE WOLF AMONG US, written by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus and featuring a powerful pack of artists, including Travis Moore, Shawn McManus, Eric Nguyen and Steve Sadowski. Collects issues #8-16.

Written By: Lillah Sturges Pencils: Stephen Sadowski Eric Nguyen Dave Justus