Spinning off from Bill Willingham’s FABLES saga! young ally, the deadliest class of all time is now in session. Will it prove to be a learning experience? Or will the Fable and Mundy worlds both discover that school is out—forever? Infamous Mundy writers Dave Justus and Lilah Sturges join acclaimed artists Travis Moore and FABLES’ own Mark Buckingham to add to the legacy of creator Bill Willingham’s modern classic with EVERAFTER VOL. 2: THE UNSENTIMENTAL Peter Piper. Bo Peep. Connor Wolf. As members of the elite network of agents known as the Shadow Players, these three legendary Fables share a single purpose: to protect the newly merged magical and mundane worlds from all threats. But what happens when the greatest threat of all comes from within? Bobby Speckland may look like any other Texas high school student, but as the first Mundy to gain magical abilities in the post-Everafter world, he’s also a sorcerer of incredible power. So when a trio of bullied teens take over their school using stolen Fable weapons and unleash the Lone Star State’s supernatural shock troops to consolidate their coup d’école, it’s up to Bobby to find a way to bring them down—by any means necessary. For the three veteran agents and their volatile EDUCATION—the final chapter in the Shadow Players saga! Collects issues #7-12.

Written By:
Dave Jestus, Lilah Sturges
Mark Buckingham, Travis G. Moore
Cover By: