Nanotech engineers Dr. Kelly Vu and Dr. David Kim are committed to only one thing more than each other: using their regenerative nanobots to save the world. And following a violent attack, those nanobots end up saving David’s and Kelly’s lives…sort of. Their salvation comes with an unexpected consequence: husband and wife awaken to realize that they now share one super-powered body! Writer Greg Pak (Action Comics, Batman/Superman) and artist Khoi Pham (Teen Titans) team up to introduce two thrilling new superheroes in the body of one, with the power of tens of thousands of nanobots. But how close is too close, with the love of your life literally in your head? And what happens when a couple so closely bound discover they have very different ideas about how they should use their newfound powers? Collects DUO #1-6.

Written By: Greg Pak Pencils: Khoi Pham Inks: Scott Hanna Cover By: Jim Lee Nimit Malavia Romulo Fajardo Erica Henderson Dike Ruan Jessica Fong Cathy Kwan Takeshi Miyazawa Miquel Muerto, Jr.