As an elite mercenary working in the shadowy realm of special operations, Michael Cray was a one-man arsenal and one of the world's deadliest killers. But that was before the cancer began to eat away at his brain—and remorse began to eat away at his soul. To those with faith, redemption is always possible. Cray never had a lot of faith, but the agents of Hell sent to recruit him are about to adjust his attitude. As he sinks deeper and deeper into an ancient conspiracy poised to unleash Armageddon on the world, the man known as Deathblow will discover that his special skills can finally be put to good use—and if he sacrifices everything, he may be able to save himself along with the world. Crafted by legendary comics talents Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and Tim Sale, DEATHBLOW: THE DELUXE EDITION collects the first twelve issues of the classic WildStorm title together with the never-before-collected issue #0. Also features a special gallery of bonus art from Lee and Sale.

Written By:
Jim Lee, Brandon Choi
Jim Lee, Tim Sale, John Trevor Scott, Bret Booth
Cover By: