“SPIES LIKE US!” The Department of Extranormal Operations gives Chase--along with erstwhile companion Sarge Steel--a crucial assignment: learning how to stop some of the strangest heroes in the DC Universe. But the cases of Captain Marvel, Hitman Tommy Monaghan and Resurrection Man Mitch Shelley don't make this job easy for them, and Chase learns that, in the DCU, heroes aren't always what they appear to be! Plus, the secret files and origins of your favorite DCU heroes!

Written By:

Geoff Johns Andy Lanning Alan Grant Keith Giffen Dan Abnett Mark Millar Eliot R. Brown John F. Moore Beau Smith D.C. Johnson


Dick Giordano J.H. Williams III Peter Krause Jackson Guice Derec Donovan John McCrea Drew Johnson Steve Leialoha Georges Jeanty Michael McKone Eliot R. Brown Tom Mandrake Matthew Clark Sergio Cariello Lee Moder Norm Breyfogle Adam DeKraker Dusty Abell Andy Kuhn Gary Erskine Paul Guinan Greg Luzniak


Mark Propst Jackson Guice Dan Davis John McCrea Steve Leialoha Jerry Ordway Danny Miki Michael McKone Eliot R. Brown Tom Mandrake Rich Faber Claude St. Aubin Norm Breyfogle Mark McKenna Bob Layton Marcus Gray Tom Simmons Dusty Abell Jason Martin Gary Erskine

Cover By:

Digital Chameleon Paul Neary Bryan Hitch