DC collects the 1970s series that introduced one new concept after another-as well as reintroducing several DC favorites! Over the course of 13 issues, 1st Issue Special shined a spotlight on Atlas, Manhunter, Warlord, Lady Cop, and even the Dingbats of Danger Street-as well as giving the Creeper, Doctor Fate, and the New Gods their shots at comebacks! Collects 1st Issue Special #1-13.

Written By: Jack Kirby Gerry Conway Bob Haney Joe Simon Pencils: Jack Kirby Ramona Fradon Jerry Grandenetti John Rosenberger Inks: Vince Colletta Al Milgrom Walt Simonson Mike Royer Mike Grell Ramona Fradon D. Bruce Berry Creig Flessel Jerry Grandenetti Mike Vosburg Cover By: Dick Giordano Jack Kirby Joe Kubert Tatjana Wood Mike Royer Ernie Chan Mike Grell Ramona Fradon D. Bruce Berry Jerry Grandenetti John Rosenberger Steve Ditko