DC's First Issue Specials

DC collects the 1970s series that introduced one new concept after another-as well as reintroducing several DC favorites! Over the course of 13 issues, 1st Issue Special shined a spotlight on Atlas, Manhunter, Warlord, Lady Cop, and even the Dingbats of Danger Street-as well as giving the Creeper, Doctor Fate, and the New Gods their shots at comebacks! Collects 1st Issue Special #1-13.

Written By:
Jack Kirby, Gerry Conway, Bob Haney, Joe Simon
Jack Kirby, Ramona Fradon, Jerry Grandenetti, John Rosenberger
Vince Colletta, Al Milgrom, Walt Simonson, Mike Royer, Mike Grell, Ramona Fradon, D. Bruce Berry, Creig Flessel, Jerry Grandenetti, Mike Vosburg
Cover By:
Dick Giordano, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Tatjana Wood, Mike Royer, Ernie Chan, Mike Grell, Ramona Fradon, D. Bruce Berry, Jerry Grandenetti, John Rosenberger, Steve Ditko