DC vs. Vampires: Crypt Edition collects DC vs. Vampires #4-6 in one single volume! #4: Batman has confirmed who in the Justice League has been turned into a vampire…but can he make his move before the Justice League is turned against him? It’s hero versus hero in this blood-drenched chapter…with clues to who the new Vampire King might be! #5: The future of the world is at stake as a battle to the death ensues between Batman and Hal Jordan! Will the vampiric Green Lantern be too much for the Dark Knight? Will the future of humanity be in the hands of…Jayna, vampire slayer? The bloody, bestselling series continues! #6: Batman gets the upper hand on the vampires who have infiltrated the Justice League...but the Vampire King finally reveals himself, and it will be the most jaw-dropping moment of 2022! The shocking, bestselling series reaches its blood-drenched halfway point!

Written By: James Tynion IV Matthew Rosenberg Pencils: Otto Schmidt Inks: Otto Schmidt Cover By: Carmine Di Giandomenico