How do you announce winter is coming to an end? You spring it on them! Welcome the springtime with a celebration of DC’s greenest and greatest. As the flowers bloom, breathe in that Swamp Thing smell. Watch the Blue Beetles fly out from Titans West. Pick a Captain Carrot or two from Floronic Man’s garden, but make sure to avoid the Poison Ivy. The season may go by in a Flash, but don’t worry-stories like these last forever. Oh, and Wonder Woman will be there, too!

Written By:

Travis G. Moore Calvin Kasulke Julio Anta Ashley Allen


Riley Rossmo Travis G. Moore Jacoby Salcedo Vitor CAFAGGI


Mark Morales Jay Leisten Riley Rossmo Travis G. Moore Isaac Goodhart Hayden Sherman Jacoby Salcedo Vitor CAFAGGI

Cover By:

Juan Gedeon