Skin-crawling stories of the DC ghoul-iverse! Superman imprisoned by an unfriendly ghost! Man-Bat versus a werewolf! Mary Marvel and Dr. Psycho crashing a Halloween frat party! Plus: the Question faces horrific crimes of fashion; Robotman wrestles a ghostly glitch; Crush helps Lobo find the perfect costume; and Nightwing and Red Hood spend a frightful night in Blüdhaven, co-written by Christopher Sean, the voice of Nightwing from the Gotham Knights video game! The chills will last longer than your candy corn!

Written By:

John Arcudi Michael Conrad Gregory Burnham Soman Chainani


Shawn McManus Javier Rodriguez Christopher Mitten Pablo M Collar


Dexter Soy Tyler Crook Shawn McManus Javier Rodriguez Werther Dell'Edera Christopher Mitten Pablo M Collar Fábio Veras Danny Earls

Cover By:

Alvaro Martinez Bueno