Take a journey through over 30 years of fan-favorite LGBTQIA+ characters in the DC Universe with this collection that not only remembers and celebrates three landmark issues of days past but also teases exciting new stories yet to come! DC Pride: Through the Years collects: • The Flash #53 (1991), in which villain-turned-hero Pied Piper comes out to his friend the Flash and helps thwart a dastardly villain • Detective Comics #854 (2009), the thrilling beginning of Batwoman’s first solo series, which would launch her into stardom • Supergirl #19 (2018), which tells the story of Lee Serano-a nonbinary teenager who befriends the Girl of Steel • An all-new story starring Alan Scott, which will light the way to his next great adventure as Green Lantern!

Written By:

Tim Sheridan


Cian Tormey


Cian Tormey

Cover By:

Derek Charm