Explore the world of DC One Million in this anthological one-shot that includes 'Crisis One Million' by Grant Morrison, which sees the Justice Legion A meeting its Qwardian counterparts, rallying the Simian Universe, and finding hope in the past! Plus: the future's Superman and Batman team up for the first time in 'System's Finest'; Superboy and Impulse try to help repair the damaged Toy Wonder; and the Legion of Executive Familiars looks for new recruits! All this and much, much more!

Written By:

Grant Morrison Andy Lanning Chuck Dixon Dan Abnett Mark Millar Ian Edginton Mark Schultz


Cully Hamner Drew Johnson Phil Jimenez Georges Jeanty Norm Breyfogle Dusty Abell Mike Wieringo Flint Henry


Cully Hamner Phil Jimenez Dexter Vines Rich Faber James M. Faerber Norm Breyfogle Richard Case Jim Royal Flint Henry

Cover By:

Rick Burchett Prentis Rollins Val Semeiks