The nightmare begins in Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, the kickoff to the horror-fueled two-month event taking over the DC Universe! As Insomnia’s powers engulf both heroes and villains, the shocking story continues in Knight Terrors #1 and #2-and you can witness the fear spread across DC’s publishing line in multiple tie-in series including Knight Terrors: Batman, Knight Terrors: Superman, Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman, and much more! Plus, Kendra Saunders heads to Metropolis and soars to new heights in Hawkgirl #1, her first series in more than 15 years! Over at DC Black Label, modern masters Mark Waid and Bryan Hitch team for the unforgettable Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor! And don’t miss DC’s new manga series, published in English for the first time: Batman: Justice Buster, Joker: One Operation Joker, and Superman vs. Meshi!

Written By: Various Pencils: Various