CYBORG-PROPERTY OF THE STATE! With his cybernetic tech continuing to evolve, Victor Stone may not know exactly what he is anymore, but he knows that he’s a hero. But ever since Vic helped to repel the alien invasion force called the Technosapiens, the U.S. government has been keeping a close eye on cybernetic enhancements. And that means they’re keeping a close eye on Cyborg. Now, a new piece of legislation called the Cybernetic Regulation Act has made Vic himself the property of the United States! And if the government gets their hands on him, they can use his technology to reverse-engineer the ultimate weapon…at the cost of Victor’s life. But Victor has a plan to find out what’s behind this sudden interest in cyber-enhanced individuals. It involves Shazam and Vic’s friends in the Justice League and putting himself right in his enemy’s clutches! Writers David F. Walker (NIGHTHAWK) and Marv Wolfman (NEW TEEN TITANS) and artists Felipe Watanabe (TEEN TITANS), Daniel HDR (SMALLVILLE SEASON 11) and Júlio Ferreira (BATWING) continue the solo adventures of the Justice League’s most high-tech hero! Collects CYBORG #7-12 and a special preview of CYBORG: REBIRTH #1.

Written By:
Marv Wolfman, David F. Walker, John Semper Jr.
Claude St. Aubin
Cover By: