“TO SAVE A MONSTER/WHEN DEADMEN WALK.” Prof is infected with an alien fungus. Swamp Thing watches from cover and is attacked by a wolf, but brushes it off. The wolf is possessed by Deadman, who asks Rama Kushna why he’s there. Back at Challengers Mountain, the heroes can’t cure Prof’s disease. Angry, Ace orders Gaylord to take a walk, which he does. Deadman tries a cure, diving in to possess Prof and fighting from within. Prof sloughs off the fungus and Deadman passes out. Prof wakes, healthy, and announces that Swamp Thing is Dr. Alec Holland, who’s wandered off and needs help. The Challengers search, but Swamp Thing has hopped a freight for Philadelphia. Deadman tries to possess Swamp Thing and bounces—he’s already possessed! Deadman possesses Ace and announces that Swamp Thing is in Philly, where Swamp Thing rages to the state asylum and the cell of Duncan Pramble, the former Multi-Man.

Written By: Gerry Conway Pencils: Keith Giffen Inks: John Celardo Cover By: Joe Rubinstein, Sr. Richard J. Buckler