“SEVEN DOORWAYS TO DESTINY!” The cultists have June as a hostage. The Challengers get beaten down by cultists, some half-monster. Monroe explains how M’Nagala came from the stars, as recounted in SWAMP THING #8. He demands Rocky and Ace fly to England and perform an incantation from a mystical book and bring M’Nagala’s “family” to Earth. They go, reluctantly. At Challengers Mountain, Clayburne (the wannabe Challenger) uses the computer to analyze Prof’s infection. It recommends Dr. Alec Holland as an expert in “biochemical abnormalities.” Clayburne flies to Oregon, where Holland teaches, and he agrees to help. Outside London, Rocky chants at midnight in a pentacle, while Ace fetches a pack of jet fuel. M’Nagala-kin try to burst through a portal, all icky tentacles and squishy guts, but Ace chucks the fuel pod “just like Jaws” and shoots, destroying the monster and shutting the portal. Clayburne and Holland land in Perdition, but in the dark, Holland starts to revert to Swamp Thing as his bio-restorative formula wears off. They find Prof half-consumed by icky polyps.

Written By: Gerry Conway Pencils: Keith Giffen Inks: John Celardo Cover By: Joe Rubinstein, Sr. Richard J. Buckler