Rolando “Tech-9” Texador and Hannibal “Wise Son” White return to the Paris Island suburb of Dakota City after military tours overseas-but life in Dakota City could not be more different. While Icon and Rocket have been away patrolling the rest of the world, superpowered “Bang Babies” have been forming rival gang factions and terrorizing the island. With gang leader Holocaust’s ascent and the rallying of his super-powered army, who protects the neighborhood when the capes aren’t watching? Tech-9, Wise Son, and their childhood friend Carlos “Fade” Quinones will have to rally together rival gang members to have a chance to save their home-if they can stop fighting each other! Collects Blood Syndicate: Season One #1-6.

Written By:

Geoffrey Thorne




Juan Castro

Cover By:

Wil Quintana Dexter Soy Veronica Gandini ChrisCross