A storm is coming…and a battle years in the making between Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne is on the horizon. A major turning point in the lives of Batman and Robin brought to you by writers Robbie Thompson (Suicide Squad, Teen Titans), Peter J. Tomasi (Batman & Robin, Detective Comics), and Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Dark Crisis), featuring stunning artwork by Eduardo Pansica (Suicide Squad), Gleb Melnikov (Jinny Hex, Robin), and more! Collects Teen Titans #43-44, Teen Titans Annual #2, Detective Comics #1032-1033, and a two-part backup feature that sets the stage for a new chapter in the life of Damian Wayne, originally presented in Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034.

Written By: Peter J. Tomasi Joshua Williamson Robbie Thompson Pencils: Brad Walker Javier Fernandez Jesus Merino Gleb Melnikov Inks: Cam Smith Julio Ferreira Andrew Hennessy Javier Fernandez Gleb Melnikov Cover By: Brad Anderson Brad Walker Marcelo Maiolo Andrew Hennessy Bernard Chang