Follow Batman as he investigates a bombing with the GCPD—as Batman is investing one lead in the business owner, another unrelated bombing happens. The bomber is destroying for the sake of destruction…this is the introduction of the Destroyer! Batman will have to face off against more than just the Destroyer though! In this collection featuring appearances from the Joker, Two Face, and more—Gotham’s need for Batman is far from over! Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 7 collects adventures from Batman #474, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #27, Detective Comics #634-638, Detective Comics #641, Detective Comics #643, and Detective Comics Annual #4.

Written By: Kelley Puckett Peter Milligan Alan Grant Louise Simonson Pencils: Jim Aparo Luke McDonnell Tom Grindberg Jim Fern Inks: Jim Aparo Mike DeCarlo Luke McDonnell Tom Grindberg Steve Mitchell Norm Breyfogle Bruce D. Patterson Cover By: Allen Passalaqua Jim Aparo Todd Klein Chris Sprouse Bob Lerose Denys Cowan Norm Breyfogle George Pratt Bruce D. Patterson Scott Hampton