Gotham City is in ruins after one of the largest earthquakes to ever hit the Eastern Seaboard, with innumerable casualties and billions in damages. Now Batman, Robin, and Nightwing must search for survivors among the rubble, while battling old enemies such as Clayface, Mister Freeze, Mad Hatter, and other villains preying on a devastated Gotham. The Dark Knight and his partners may be stretched too thin as society begins to break down while the citizens of Gotham flee their destroyed home, and the ones who stay turn on each other. Will even the full support of Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City police force be enough to rebuild Gotham? Or is the city too far gone to be saved? BATMAN: ROAD TO NO MAN’S LAND VOL. 1 collects for the first time the complete “Aftershock” storyline that rocked the Bat family and started them on the path to “No Man’s Land.” Reprinting DETECTIVE COMICS #722, #724-726, BATMAN #555-559, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT#75-79, ROBIN #54, and THE BATMAN CHRONICLES #14.

Written By:

Chuck Dixon Alan Grant Dennis O'Neil


Jim Aparo Roger Robinson Mark Buckingham