Visit Gotham the night before the bridges were blown to bits, as one lone Gothamite answers the desperate city's call to protect Gotham from becoming a No Man's Land. Huntress and many of the major players in No Man's Land cross paths with our protagonist, making the mission harder every step of the way.

Written By:
Chuck Dixon, Alisa Kwitney, Scott Peterson
Craig Rousseau, Rick Burchett, Damion Scott, Dale Eaglesham, Paul Ryan, Roger Robinson, Stan Woch, Graham Nolan, Sal Velluto, Yvel Guichet, German Garcia, Michael Zulli
John Dell, Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty, John Floyd, Roger Robinson, Robert Campanella, Stan Woch, Graham Nolan, Aaron Sowd, James Pascoe, John Stanisci, Vince Locke, Bob Almond
Cover By:
Alex Maleev