The Justice Lords hail from an alternate universe where the Justice League decided to enforce law and order through and means necessary...and then took it too far, becoming despots. Years ago the Justice League defeated them, and Wonder Woman returned to their world with them to make sure they stayed in check. But something went wrong. Now, Wonder Woman is back in the world of Batman Beyond, and Superman and Bruce Wayne sense that she’s hiding something. As Terry McGinnis takes a dangerous trip to the Justice Lords’ world to find out Wonder Woman’s secrets—and encounters a version of himself whose life took a very different path—the Justice Lords return to our Earth in search of Wonder Woman. Can the Justice League of the future hope to defeat versions of themselves that are just as powerful but more ruthless? Or will the world of the future become another conquest for Lord Superman? Writers Kyle Higgins (NIGHTWING) and Christos Gage (BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT) and artists Thony Silas (Venom) and Dexter Soy (Captain Marvel) take the fan-favorite villains from the JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series into the world of Batman Beyond and transformed them into the Justice Lords Beyond! (Collects BATMAN BEYOND UNIVERSE #9-12)!

Written By:

Kyle Higgins Christos Gage


Dexter Soy Thony Silas