WHEN Arkham Asylum stages a talent show to help rehabilitate its inmates, will a dastardly duet between the Joker and Catwoman give the Clown Prince of Crime the last laugh on the Dynamic Duo? WHEN that bejeweled baddie Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, goes drilling for her biggest score yet, will she stumble across the greatest treasure of all — the secret location of the Batcave? WHEN the technological titan known as the Bat-robot swoops into electronic action, will it make crime obsolete? Or will Batman and Robin find themselves trampled beneath the march of progress? WHEN the Caped Crusader’s crimefighting charisma inspires a television show depicting his astounding adventures, will he fall victim to the most dangerous enemy of all — bad publicity? Don’t touch that dial — the answers to these riddles and more are all in BATMAN ’66 VOL. 3, the latest collection of stories inspired by the classic Batman TV series! Featuring contributions by crusading creators Jeff Parker, Jonathan Case, Art Balthazar & Franco, Ted Naifeh, Gabe Soria, Dean Haspiel and more!

Written By:

Jeff Parker


Jonathan Case