FATHER FIGURE Once a garden-variety rebel without a clue, Reggie Riot found a new lust for life after losing his arm in a severe art attack. Now, with living paint serving as his prosthetic, he’s turning visions into reality as the new leader of a top-secret organization known as the Art Operatives. This specialized crew of culture warriors has sworn to protect the world’s masterpieces by any means necessary-including pulling them straight through the fourth wall and into full-blooded life. Reggie and his motley band, however, are only the tattered remains of a much larger force-one led by his high-achieving mother, who disappeared into thin air along with nearly all of her colleagues some months ago. Enter Danny Doll, Reggie’s long-lost dad and the former head of Art Ops. Doll was the enfant terrible of New York’s Pop Art/Op Art scene-until an unspeakable incident sent him down a darker and more dangerous path. Now Doll has returned, ready to reconnect with his son. But is he moving back towards the light-or preparing to plunge the world into a permanent midnight? The acclaimed VERTIGO series from writer Shaun Simon and artists Michael Allred, Matt Brundage, Eduardo Risso and Rob Davis comes to its shattering conclusion in ART OPS VOL. 2: POPISM, collecting issues #7-12 and featuring a special sketchbook section from Brundage.

Written By:

Shaun Simon


Michael Allred Eduardo Risso Rob Davis Matt Brundage