No foe can best Superman. Using his immense power, he’s able to outmatch the mad conqueror Mongul, defeat the diabolical Darkseid, and mangle the menacing Metallo. But it turns out that being the world’s greatest hero is more than just throwing punches and wearing a cape. After all, what’s a Superman to do when people begin to see him as a god sent here to save us all? Or when the enemy he faces is only a scared little boy? What happens when one of his most bizarre rivals becomes an unstable ally? Or when his long-dead homeworld, Krypton, appears shining and alive in the night sky? ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN VOL. TWO explores the pressing questions of what it means to be super, and, above all, what it means to be a man. This thrilling compilation of digital-first material features work from some of comic’s brightest creators, including J.T. Krul, Marcus To, David Lapham, Marc Guggenheim, Joe Bennett, Christos Gage, Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Sean Galloway and many more!

Written By: J.T. Krul Tim Seeley David Lapham Marc Guggenheim Christos Gage Pencils: Joe Bennett Marcus To Sean Galloway David Lapham