As Superman and Natasha Irons race to save Steel from the newly transformed Metallo, the Super-Twins are lost-and alone-against the nightmarish threat of the Necrohive! How will Lois and the House of El find them? Plus, learn the shocking identity of the mysterious “ghost in the machine” behind Metallo’s transformation as he and Superman face each other in an epic rematch for the ages! Plus: A new era for John Henry Irons begins in "Steel Forged" part 1! And Dan Jurgens explores the not-too-distant-past world of "Lois and Clark 2" in a bold new interlude!

Written By:

Dan Jurgens Phillip Kennedy Johnson Dorado Quick


Dan Jurgens Rafa Sandoval Max Raynor Yasmin Flores Montanez


Norm Rapmund Rafa Sandoval Max Raynor Yasmin Flores Montanez

Cover By:

Steve Beach