The Warzoons make their way to the doorstep of the Fortress of Solitude and only Lois Lane and the alien girl Thao-La are there to defend it. That’s because Superman is halfway around the world trying to stop the U.S. from declaring war on Atlantis. The Man of Steel must make a tough choice, and odds are, no one walks away happy. Elsewhere in Metropolis, Midnighter moves closer to the center of Trojan’s empire in the penultimate chapter of his back-up adventure. The story finishes later this month with the Midnighter 2021 Annual.

Written By:
Becky Cloonan, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Michael Conrad
Michael Avon Oeming, Christian Duce
Michael Avon Oeming, Christian Duce
Cover By:
Mikel Janin, Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez