"“A VOYAGE TO DESTINY!” Young Fred Carson is told on his father's deathbed that he will inherit his father's fortune if he takes a ship and follows the same course his father had before him to earn all those riches. Fred does, not realizing that he will soon run afoul of Black Patch, a man who once lost an eye to Fred's father during a fight! This DC Comics comic book reflects the sensibilities and language of the time in which it was first published. This content is published without alteration for historical reference.

Written By:

Henry Boltinoff Jack Farr Ted Udall


Henry Boltinoff Jack Farr Ed Dobrotka Mort Meskin Edwin J. Smalle Jr. William White


Henry Boltinoff Stan Kaye Jack Farr Ed Dobrotka Edwin J. Smalle Jr. William White

Cover By:

Stan Kaye Wayne Boring