“THE BOY WHO CAME BACK.” When the nephew of a millionaire falls into a river and is presumed lost, his uncle offers $1 million for the boy’s safe return. When Lois and Clark investigate, they discover that there is more to the boy’s disappearance than meets the eye!

Written By:
Henry Boltinoff, Gardner Fox, Joe Greene, Don Cameron, Jack Farr, Joe Samachson, Alvin Schwartz, Ted Udall
Henry Boltinoff, Bernard Baily, Jack Farr, Ed Dobrotka, Joseph Sulman, Mort Meskin, John Daly
George Roussos, Henry Boltinoff, Bernard Baily, Joe Kubert, Jack Farr, Joseph Sulman, John Daly
Cover By:
Jack Burnley, Stan Kaye