First there was DC Pride and DC Festival of Heroes; now it’s time to celebrate Black History Month! Cyborg, John Stewart, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Batwing, Vixen, Amazing-Man, and more take center stage to highlight the power of Black excellence across the DC Universe, in stories from a variety of comics’ finest Black artists and writers!

Written By:
Jordan Clark, Evan Narcisse, Morgan Hampton, Dorado Quick
Clayton Henry, Darryl Banks, ChrisCross, Valentine De Landro
Clayton Henry, Mark Morales, Juan Castro, Darryl Banks, Alitha Martinez, Natacha Bustos, Valentine De Landro, Taurin Clarke, Robyn Smith, Anthony Fowler Jr., Manou Azumi, Jay Hero, Petterson Oliveira, Edwin Galmon, Jerry Gaylord
Cover By:
Jahnoy Lindsay