Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Aug. 22, 2018

Justice League Unlimited Header.jpg

The DC Animated Universe, which began with Batman: The Animated Series and continued with Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and Justice League, reached its apex with Justice League Unlimited. The series featured not only the original seven members of the titular team, but a plethora of other DC heroes, many of whom had never appeared on screen before. If you’re new to the show, or if you’re revisiting it after a long time, here’s a handy guide to the literal army of DC Super Heroes who make up the membership of the JLU.

In the DC Animated Universe, the Justice League formed when seven of Earth's greatest Super-Heroes came together to fend off an invasion by the Imperium, an alien collective bent on dominating the galaxy. Among the seven founders were...



The Last Son of Krypton and Earth's most famous and powerful Super Hero, Clark Kent is the standard to which all other heroes aspire.



Gotham City's Dark Knight and The World's Greatest Detective. As billionaire Bruce Wayne, he funds the League’s operations in secret.


The Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter-1.jpg

Better known as J'onn J'onzz, last survivor of the Martian race.


Green Lantern 

Earth’s resident power ring slinger, former U.S. Marine John Stewart is the Lantern responsible for Earth's Space Sector, 2814.


The Flash 

Wally West is the League’s resident jokester, but also the fastest man alive. 



Better known as Shayera Thal, Hawkgirl is the Winged Warrior from the planet Thanagar. 


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman-1.jpg

The Amazon princess Diana, given powers by the Gods. She left her homeland to save the world. Her powers are second only to Superman’s.


Together, these seven heroes saved Earth time and time again, monitoring the world from their orbiting satellite base, the Watchtower. During their first few years in operation (depicted in the show's first two seasons, when it was simply called "Justice League"), the League often worked with other heroes, including... 



King of the Seven Seas, Arthur Curry of Atlantis came to the League's aid when his brother Orm tried to destroy the surface world (in Season 1's "The Enemy Below"). 



John Stewart's old military buddy Rex Mason found himself transformed into a being with super powers who could alter his shape at will (Season 1's "Metamorphosis").


The Demon Etrigan 

An ancient being from the days of Camelot, he assisted the League against the witch Morgan Le Fey (Season 1's "A Knight of Shadows").


Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate-2.jpg

Another magical ally in the early days was this powerful sorcerer, who helped the League during a mystical crisis (Season's 2 "The Terror Beyond").



During a brief period in which the League thought that Superman was dead, this intergalactic bounty hunter worked alongside the group, trying to prove his worth as a member (Season 2's "Hereafter").


Justice League's second season concluded with the planet Thanagar's invasion of Earth, in which Hawkgirl was revealed as a traitor, an advance spy who'd lived on earth for years. Although she ultimately turned on her own people to help the League, she left the group soon after (Season 2's "Star Crossed").  


After facing such a serious threat, the League expanded its membership to include dozens of heroes from around the globe, becoming "Justice League Unlimited." Dozens of new members joined, including the following heroes (in Justice League Unlimited's first season premiere, "Initiation")...



Superman's "cousin" Kara, with the same powers as Kal-El, is one of the younger members of this new mega group.


Green Arrow

Green Arrow-1.jpg

An expert marksman and a literal "social justice warrior," Oliver Queen is always looking out for the little guy.


Captain Atom 

Nathaniel Adam is a decorated military officer who gained incredible nuclear abilities in an accident.


The Question 

An urban vigilante obsessed with conspiracy theories, The Question also accepted the invitation to join, even if most of his teammates thought he was a kook.


Hawk and Dove 

Hank and Don Hall are two mystically imbued brothers who represent Chaos and Order.




A powerful magician, and an old friend and ally of Batman.


B'wana Beast

An animal-powered hero who gained his powers in a lost jungle.


The Atom 

Dr. Ray Palmer, a scientist who discovered how to shrink to subatomic size.



John Henry Irons is an armor-clad ally of Superman, and a self-made Super Hero from Metropolis.


Elongated Man

Ralph Dibney is the elastic hero with a knack for solving mysteries.


Booster Gold

A 25th-century janitor who came to the present and used his future tech to become a hero. Most people confuse him with Green Lantern, much to his annoyance.


Black Canary

JLU Black Canary.jpg

A sonically powered martial artist, Dinah Lance quickly caught the eye of Green Arrow.



Ted Grant is a former boxer who trained many team members, and although a little older and rough around the edges, he assists the League in times of need.


Mr. Miracle & Big Barda 

Though technically not members, these two New Gods from Apokolips and New Genesis work together with The Flash on a case. (Season 2's "The Ties That Bind")


The Huntress 

An urban vigilante, Helena Bertinelli was kicked off of the team when she attempted to kill an enemy, breaking the League's code against such actions. (Season 2's "Double Date")




Supermodel Mari McCabe used her animal-like abilities to join the team, and has a romantic history with Green Lantern.


Red Tornado 

A sentient android with power over wind.



Teenager Courtney Whitmore possesses the powerful cosmic rod and adventures with her armored companion (and step-dad) S.T.R.I.P.E. 


The Shining Knight 

Sir Justin is a knight from the Medieval era who came to our time with his trusty flying horse.




A sharpshooter who emulates the cowboys of the Old West. 


Captain Marvel

Billy Batson says the magic word "Shazam" and transforms into the World’s Mightiest Mortal (in Season 2's "Clash").



Beatrice Dacosta, the Brazilian heroine who harnesses the power of the Green Flame.



Scandinavian frost goddess Tora Olafsdotter is a friend and partner of Fire.


Dr. Light

Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi harnesses solar power and channels it to fight evil.


Mister Terrific

Mister Terrific.jpg

Michael Holt is the third smartest man in the world (after Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor), whose brilliant inventions aid him in fighting injustice.



A technically advanced hero who is part of an ancient secret society.



Deceased acrobat Boston Brand can possess others and use their bodies to fight evil (in Season 3's "Dead Reckoning"). 


In addition to those named above, Justice League Unlimited features dozens of other Leaguers who are only ever seen walking around the Watchtower. Among these background heroes are...


The Creeper

Television host Jack Ryder becomes this clownish hero, a kind of good-guy version of the Joker.


The Crimson Fox 

A French vigilante who is an excellent martial artist. 


Doctor Mid-Nite

Dr. Charles McNider is a real-life physician who can fight crime even though he’s blind.



Young Cindy Reynolds can phase through objects and become invisible to the naked eye.



Rex Tyler has super strength and agility, but only for one hour at a time.


Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt

This young hero and his all-powerful genie make for a formidable crime-fighting pair.



Tom Tresser is a secret agent who can hold his own against any DC Super-Villain.



Todd Rice has the power to envelope others in a cloak of darkness.


The Ray

Ray Terrill can harness the power of light to fly or wield as a weapon.


Rocket Red

This armored powerhouse is Russia’s number one hero.



Sanderson Hawkins can transform himself into living sand.



The alien Prince Gavyn fights on the side of Earth with his cosmic powers.



Cisco Ramon can create mini earthquakes (and he’s a mean break dancer).


Commander Steel

Hank Heywood is an athlete turned cyborg superhero. 




This hero can manipulate the timestream.


Whew! That's some 58 members, give or take, making this Justice League VERY unlimited indeed.