Who's Who in DC Universe's TITANS

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Oct. 4, 2018


The Teen Titans began as a group of teenage sidekicks to the world-famous adult Super Heroes of the Justice League. Although they shared many adventures together, as they grew older, they drifted apart. But.... When the empath Raven needed a team of heroes to fight her father, the inter-dimensional demon Trigon, she recruited several original members of the Titans, who were now older teenagers, as well as some new ones, forming the New Teen Titans (read their adventures here). Raven’s lineup of Titans ended up being the most popular incarnation of the team. But who are these Titans? Here's a breakdown of the members, as they originally appeared, who will feature in the live-action Titans. Of course, just because a character's story played out one way in the comic books doesn't mean it will or won't go the same way for them on screen. The only way to know is to check out Titans when it debuts right here on DC Universe on October 12th! 


Spoiler Alert! If you're totally unfamiliar with the Titans and prefer to keep it that way until you meet them in DC Universe's Titans, stop reading now!


Robin / Nightwing (Dick Grayson)




Richard "Dick" Grayson grew up in Haly's Circus, as the youngest member of the acrobatic family the Flying Graysons. When his parents were murdered by mob boss Tony Zucco, young Dick was taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne, as his ward, who recognized in Dick a kindred spirit. Wayne let Dick in on his secret identity as the Batman, and trained him to become his partner Robin, the Boy Wonder.

While still Batman's partner, Robin teamed up with other teen heroes in the first version of the Teen Titans. As the members grew older, they drifted apart. But when Robin was 18, the mysterious empath Raven recruited him to join a new version of the Titans. In this reformed team, Dick truly came into his own as a leader, and finally decided to move on as Batman's partner. He took on the identity of Nightwing, allowing another young hero to replace him as Robin. Today, as Nightwing, Dick Grayson is one of the DC Universe's most respected and trusted heroes.


Starfire (Koriand'r, a.k.a. Kory Anders)




Princess Koriand'r of the planet Tamaran was born as the second daughter of King Myand'r and Queen Luand’r. Her older sister Komand'r was born without the Tamaranean ability to fly; and, because of this "handicap," Koriand'r was next in line to take the throne, creating a bitter rivalry between the two siblings. When the Citadel Empire threatened war with Tamaran, the King was given a choice -- give up his favorite daughter to become a slave, and his planet would be spared a war. He chose to give up his child to save his world.


Growing up as a slave, Koriand'r was experimented on by alien scientists called the Psions, and was given the power to create deadly starbolts. Using this power, she escaped captivity and fled to Earth, where she joined the Teen Titans as Starfire. Wide-eyed and curious, she proved herself a valuable member, though her teammates often had to curb her instinct to use lethal force. "Kory," as she was known to her friends, soon entered into an on-again/off-again relationship with Robin. 


Beast Boy (Garfield "Gar" Logan)




Garfield Logan's parents were research scientists. When they found themselves stationed in an African country, Gar contracted a rare and lethal disease. His parents created a cure by making a serum derived from a rare green monkey. Although Gar was cured, the side effects were extraordinary -- his skin and hair turned green, and he had the power to change into any animal in existence. When his parents died, Gar was taken in by the team of outcast Super Heroes known as the Doom Patrol, where he took on the name Beast Boy. 


When the Doom Patrol were tragically killed in action, Gar was left orphaned for a second time. He was adopted by the billionaire Steve Dayton, who was very reclusive, leaving Gar feeling like he had no family. When Raven formed the New Teen Titans, she asked Beast Boy to join, which he did under the name Changeling. It was with the Titans that Gar found the family he'd always longed for. Despite all his tragedies, or maybe because of them, Beast Boy was always jovial and waiting to crack a joke, which made him the Titan's resident comic relief. 


Raven (Rachel Roth)




Raven's mother Arella was a lost soul, who found herself seduced into a demonic cult. There, she was offered up as the bride of the demon Trigon, and bore his child, a daughter named Raven. Half demon, Raven inherited her father's dark powers. Arella was eventually taken to live in another dimension with the pacifists of Azarath, where Raven was raised to hone her mystical powers for good, including the ability to separate her soul self from her body. She was taught to suppress her emotions, lest her demon half exert itself.


Eventually, Trigon would attempt to conquer Earth. Raven then recruited several young heroes as a new version of the Teen Titans, hoping they would help defeat her father. Raven was eventually corrupted several times by her demonic blood, but she died, freeing her soul self from her body and her father's corruption. Her soul then inhabited a new, younger body. Taking the name Rachel Roth, Raven continuously struggled with unleashing her own dark powers. 


Hawk and Dove




Brothers Hank and Don Hall were polar opposites. Hank was aggressive and reactionary, whereas Don was sensitive and thoughtful. One day, a pair of mysterious voices made themselves known to the two boys -- one belonged to the ancient Lord of Chaos T'Charr, and the other the Lord of Order Tarataya. They each granted the brothers enhanced strength, speed and agility, but also enhanced their innate personality traits. Hank became the warlike Hawk, and Don the peaceful Dove, and the siblings became crime fighters.


After several adventures with the Teen Titans, Dove was killed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Without the calming presence of his brother, Hawk became even more violent and aggressive. As it turned out, when Don died, his powers transferred to college student Dawn Granger, who became the new Dove. She found Hawk and became his second partner, restoring the balance of order and chaos. (Read their original adventures here.)


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