Who’s Who in DC Universe’s STARGIRL

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

May 18, 2020


Have you had a chance to watch the Stargirl premiere yet? DC Universe’s latest original show is all about legacy, with multiple generations of heroes and villains filling out the cast. To help you get to know these characters better, here’s a handy rundown of some of the individuals you’ll be meeting in the series, and how they compare to their comic counterparts. Let’s meet the cast of Stargirl




Courtney Whitmore.jpg

Name: Courtney Whitmore


Portrayed By: Brec Bassinger


First Appearance: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0


Comic Biography: After discovering her stepfather’s heroic past, Courtney Whitmore decided to dress up as the Star-Spangled Kid in order to annoy him. An attack on her high school forced Courtney to use the suit’s Cosmic Converter Belt to defend her classmates, and she decided to make crimefighting a full-time gig. Courtney later joined the Justice Society, and changed her name to Stargirl.


Television Biography: Courtney is a teenage girl who resents her stepfather, and is less than thrilled about moving to Blue Valley. One night while looking through her stepfather’s belongings, Courtney finds Starman’s Cosmic Staff, and her life is changed forever.



Pat Dugan.jpg

Name: Pat Dugan


Portrayed By: Luke Wilson


First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #1


Comic Biography: Pat fought Nazis during World War II as Stripesy, sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid. After being displaced through time, Pat wound up in the present day and left his heroic identity behind. When his new stepdaughter Courtney discovered the Star-Spangled Kid’s old Cosmic Converter Belt, Pat began piloting a powerful mech known as S.T.R.I.P.E. in order to keep an eye on her.


Television Biography: Pat was the sidekick/chauffer to Sylvester Pemberton, the hero known as the Starman. After the fall of the Justice Society, and the death of Starman, Pat spent the next 10 years tracking the Injustice Society around America. His trail has currently taken him to Blue Valley, Nebraska, but his new stepdaughter Courtney might throw a wrench in his current plans.



Barbara Dugan.jpg

Name: Barbara Whitmore-Dugan


Portrayed By: Amy Smart


First Appearance: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0


Comic Biography: Barbara is Courtney’s mother and Mike’s new wife. After moving to Blue Valley, Barbara took a job as Blue Valley High’s public relations specialist, much to Courtney’s chagrin. For a time she remained unaware of her daughter’s heroic activities, but quickly accepted it once the truth was revealed.


Television Biography: Thankfully for Courtney, Barbara’s television counterpart won’t be working at her school. Instead Barbara will be taking a job at a mysterious Blue Valley organization known as American Dream. It sounds wholesome enough, but is there more to Barbara’s new job than meets the eye?



Mike Dugan.jpg

Name: Mike Dugan


Portrayed By: Trae Romano


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #11


Comic Biography: Mike is Courtney’s stepbrother, an Pat’s son from his first marriage. After being thrown out of military school, Mike moved in with his father, giving Courtney the annoying stepbrother she never wanted. Mike was jealous of Courtney’s role as the Star-Spangled Kid, feeling that he was the true successor to the heroic legacy.


Television Biography: Mike’s television counterpart is a bit younger than the comic book version, and hasn’t done anything to earn him a ticket to military school. His hobbies include eating Fatburger, playing Fortnite, and microwaving marshmallows.




Name: Patton/Buddy


Portrayed By: A very good boy


First Appearance: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #9


Comic Biography: Patton was a dog Mike befriended while he was enrolled in military school. After he was kicked out, Mike took Patton to live with him at his father’s house. Courtney is a bit put off by Patton, and that suits Mike just fine.


Television Biography: Patton’s television counterpart is called Buddy. At first glance Buddy seems like a normal family dog, but could he be hiding a more sinister purpose? Of course not, he’s a good boy who must be protected at all costs!





Beth Chapel.jpg

Name: Beth Chapel


Portrayed By: Anjelika Washington


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #19


Comic Biography: Dr. Elizabeth Chapel was a physician who was blinded when after being caught in an explosion at her hospital. After discovering she had the ability to see in the dark, Dr. Chapel wore a costume in homage to the original Doctor Mid-Nite, and called herself Doctor Midnight.


Television Biography: Beth’s television counterpart is younger, and attends Blue Valley High School alongside Courtney. Beth has been branded an outcast by her peers, and exiled to the “loser table” at lunch. Despite these setbacks, Beth has a positive attitude, and if the promotional posters are any indication, we’ll be seeing some great things from her.




Name: Yolanda Montez


Portrayed By: Yvette Montreal


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #12


Comic Biography: Yolanda is the goddaughter of Ted Grant, the original Wildcat. Due to a series of experiments while her mother was pregnant, Yolanda possesses a catlike physiology and unique feline abilities. When her godfather Ted was temporarily benched, Yolanda suited up as Wildcat to prowl the night in his place.


Television Biography: Yolanda is a bright student, but a mysterious incident destroyed her social standing and caused her to be exiled to the “loser table.” Yolanda is withdrawn and quiet, but the arrival of Courtney sets off a chain of events that will change her life forever.



Rick Tyler.jpg

Name: Rick Tyler


Portrayed By: Cameron Gellman


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #20


Comic Biography: Rick is the son of the original Hourman, Rex Tyler. Rick grew up desperate for his father’s approval, but Hourman was too busy focusing on crimefighting to give his son the attention he needed. When his friend Beth Chapel was in trouble, Rick took some of his father’s Miraclo pills to save her. Against his father’s wishes, Rick embraced the superhero lifestyle and became the new Hourman.


Television Biography: Rick is another resident of Blue Valley High’s “loser table.” Rick is an orphan who has a reputation for being the school troublemaker. Rick has shut everyone else out, but Courtney’s arrival at Blue Valley High brings some secrets from his past to light, and changes his destiny forever.



Name: Cindy Burman


Portrayed By: Meg DeLacy


First Appearance: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1


Comic Biography: Cindy is the daughter of the villainous Dragon King, who trained her to follow in his criminal footsteps. Cindy took an instant dislike to Courtney when they met as classmates at Blue Valley High. The rivalry only got worse when Cindy took on the villainess mantle of Shiv.


Television Biography: Cindy is the alpha female of Blue Valley High, ruthlessly ruling the school’s social hierarchy, and ruining the lives of any classmates who disrespect her. Cindy wants to make sure Courtney knows her place, and is making it her personal mission to knock the new student down a peg.


Henry Jr.JPG

Name: Henry King Jr.


Portrayed by: Jake Austin Walker


First Appearance: All-Star Squadron #24


Comic Biography: Henry is the son of the villain Brainwave, but he doesn’t share his father’s villainous nature. After discovering that he inherited his father’s mental abilities, Henry decided to atone for his family’s criminal past by becoming a heroic version of Brainwave.


Television Biography: So far Henry doesn’t have the moral compass his comic counterpart does. Henry is a bully, and to make matters worse he’s one of those people who loudly talks during a movie, even if it’s The Goonies.




Name: Artemis Crock


Portrayed By: Stella Smith


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #34


Comic Biography: Artemis is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Tigress, two of the Justice Society’s worst enemies. Like her father, Artemis believes in a rigid exercise regimen, keeping her body in fighting shape. Artemis followed in her parent’s footsteps by joining the Injustice Society.


Television Biography: Artemis is a student at Blue Valley High who is an enthusiastic athlete. Artemis can frequently be seen in the cafeteria, ready to lead a battle cry, and motivate the school’s sporting teams.




Name: Cameron Mahkent


Portrayed By: Hunter Sansone


First Appearance: Infinity Inc. #34


Comic Biography: Cameron is the son of the villain Icicle. Thanks to his father’s criminal lifestyle, Cameron was born with unique body chemistry, which allowed him to lower surrounding temperatures and freeze objects. Cameron later took on his father’s mantle as Icicle, and joined the Injustice Society.


Television Biography: Cameron is the son of Jordan Mankent, an elite Blue Valley businessman. Because Jordan’s primary focus is on his mission to improve Blue Valley, his relationship with his son is distant, and Cameron was mostly raised by his grandparents.





Star Spangled Kid.jpg

Name: Starman


Portrayed By: Joel McHale


First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #1


Comic Biography: Sylvester Pemberton was an arrogant rich kid who battles Nazis as the Star-Spangled Kid. After a time-displaced adventure placed him in our present day, Sylvester began leading Infinity Inc. and changed his codename to Skyman. Sylvester lost his life during an encounter with Solomon Grundy and Mr. Bones.


Television Biography: Sylvester’s screen counterpart took on the name Starman as an adult, something his comic counterpart never did. Sylvester was armed with his trusty Cosmic Staff, a semi-sentient rod that drew energy from the stars for incredible power. Starman was a proud member of the Justice Society, but preferred to keep his sidekick Stripesy benched.



Doctor Mid-Nite.JPG

Name: Doctor Mid-Nite


Portrayed By: Henry Thomas


First Appearance: All-American Comics #25 (reprinted in Justice League of America #95)


Comic Biography: Charles McNider was a physician who was blinded after a failed mob assassination. Dr. McNider discovered that he had the ability to see in the dark, and used his new skills to fight crime as Doctor Mid-Nite. McNider was notable for being one of the first comic book superheroes with a disability.


Television Biography: Little is known about Doctor Mid-Nite’s live-action counterpart, but it’s clear from the opening scenes of Stargirl’s pilot that he went down fighting to the bitter end.




Name: Hourman


Portrayed By: Lou Ferrigno Jr.


First Appearance: Adventure Comics #48 (reprinted in Justice League of America #96)


Comic Biography: Rex Tyler was a chemist who developed Miraclo Pills, which granted him superpowers, but only for one hour a day. Rex became addicted to his pills, and to crime-fighting.


Television Biography: Hourman was a proud member of the Justice Society of America. Like his teammates, Tyler lost his life during their final stand with the Injustice Society.




Name: Wildcat


Portrayed By: Brian Stapf


First Appearance: Sensation Comics #1


Comic Biography: Ted Grant was a boxer who was framed for murder. Inspired by the example of Green Lantern, Grant decided to don a costume identity to clear his name – and Wildcat was born. As the years went by, Grant aged, but his physical strength remained strong. He’s still one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, and has trained some of the world’s greatest heroes.


Television Biography: Like his comic book counterpart, Ted was a fighter who refused to stay down. Unfortunately the Injustice Society struck hard, ensuring that Wildcat could never get back up again.






Name: Icicle


Portrayed By: Neil Jackson


First Appearance: All-American Comics #90


Comic Biography: Joar Mahkent was a European scientist who invented a cold gun. Using his frosty weapon, Mahkent took on the name Icicle and began regularly sparring with Green Lantern. Mankent met his end during Crisis on Infinite Earths, and was succeeded by his son Cameron.


Television Biography: After defeating the Justice Society, Jordan Mahkent settled down in Blue Valley where he became an affluent businessman. Unlike his comic book counterpart, Jordan is a metahuman who has no need for a cold gun. Mahkent is responsible for the death of Starman, having stabbed him through the chest with one of his icicles.




Name: Brainwave


Portrayed By: Christopher James Baker


First Appearance: All-Star Comics #15


Comic Biography: Henry King Sr. was born with telekinetic powers that allow him to mentally attack his victims, create illusions, and control minds. King began a crime spree as the villain Brainwave, which has put him at odds with the Justice Society more than once.


Television Biography: After helping the Injustice Society destroy the JSA, Henry King Sr. took a job as neurosurgeon in Blue Valley. He’s cold and detached, even towards his own family, but he has a soft spot for his son. When Brainwave believes that Courtney targeted his son, he goes after her with the burning fury of a thousand suns.




Name: Sportsmaster


Portrayed By: Neil Hopkins


First Appearance: All-American Comics #85


Comic Biography: Lawrence “Crusher” Crock was a disgraced athlete, who used crime to fill the void in his life. Crock considered fighting heroes to be the ultimate sport, so he called himself the Sportsmaster.


Television Biography: After defeating the Justice Society, Sportsmaster built a new life for himself in Blue Valley as a gym-master. Lawrence operates a gym, and uses an aggressive recruiting strategy to sign members up. Check out his conversation with Pat in the pilot! Sportsmaster won’t take “no” for an answer.




Name: Tigress


Portrayed By: Joy Osmanski


First Appearance: Sensation Comics #68


Comic Biography: Paula Brooks was a skilled fighter with a love for wild animals. Brooks began a criminal career as the villainous Huntress, before changing her name to Tigress. During her time in the Injustice Society, she fell for her teammate Sportsmaster. The two married and had a daughter named Artemis.


Television Biography: After the fall of the Justice Society, Paula hung up her Tigress costume, and is currently working as Blue Valley High’s gym teacher. She’s just as ruthless now as she was during her villain days, and takes great pleasure in making Courtney sit at the “loser’s table” during lunch.



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