Who Is Dick Grayson's One True Love?

Joe McCabe

Joe McCabe

Nov. 8, 2018


It's one of the most persistent topics of debate in the annals of fandom. Who is Dick Grayson's soulmate -- Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, a.k.a. Starfire, or Barbara "Babs" Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl. Both women have legions of admirers who present compelling arguments as to why their heroine belongs with Nightwing. So we put the question to our esteemed Community in the form of a poll, and added a third choice for Mr. Grayson -- 100% pure, unfiltered, not-from-concentrate Justice. After tallying the responses we received as of Friday, November 2nd, we found the results to be just as intriguing as Nightwing himself...






Alas, it seems that even Dick Grayson's most ardent admirers don't believe Nightwing shares the same unquenchable thirst as his mentor Batman. Justice placed third in our poll, with 12.01% of the votes (227 total). Is Dick more of a lover than a fighter?






The beloved Titan Starfire -- who was partnered with Dick for most of the 1980s when they both featured in The New Teen Titans (read it here) -- came in second, with a more-than-respectable 39.8% of the votes (754 total). Fear not, Kori fans! The alien princess gets cozy with Dick Grayson once more, and for the first time in live-action, in this week's episode of Titans (watch it here on Friday, November 9th). Who knows? After "Together", the Kori-Dick pairing might win enough new fans to tip the scales in its favor!






Congratulations, Batgirl fans. For now, you've earned the right to gloat. (Though the ever-righteous Babs would no doubt frown upon it.) Yes, Barbara placed first in our poll, garnering 48.09% of the votes (a total of 909).


If you haven't already voted, you can still cast your ballot in our Community! This is one debate that will never truly be resolved. And, after all, isn't it more fun that way?